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Announcing, “Alien Landscapes”!

I am going to pause for a moment from posting my poems to bring you an announcement. Don’t worry I will be posting new poems of mine right here real soon. What is this announcement? Well I can finally say that my debut album called “Alien Landscapes” will be available for free streaming and free download starting Wednesday September 5 at 9 am Atlantic Daylight Time on my new Bandcamp page. What kind of album is Alien Landscapes? No it is not a poetry album. In fact it is a soundscape album. If you are unfamiliar with what a soundscape is Wiktionary describe it this way:

1. An acoustic environment, a virtual/emotional environment created using sound.
2. A soundscape composition – an electroacoustic musical composition creating a sound portrait of a sound environment.

Alien Landscapes will be made up of 41 tracks. Each track will be an individual soundscape. Theses soundscapes of mine will run for as short as 30 seconds to as long as 13 minutes and 49 seconds. My aim in creating theses soundscapes is to fully immerse the listener in varying fictional alien environments ranging from the soothing to the highly jarring. My hope is you will have a listen and if you like what you here pass it along to your friends and family members. At least to the ones you think will also like it.