Lyricsofmylife’s License

All of Devin Kira Murphy’s poems and other posts here on Lyricsofmylife are licensed under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported) which means they are;

1. Available to share (i.e. to copy, distribute and transmit); and

2. Available to remix (i.e. to adapt the work); and

3. When shared and/or remixed they must be properly attributed, and that is;

  1. Devin Kira Murphy should be the one credited with writing the post(s) in question and in the case of a remix or remixes, having written the original or originals; and
  2. The post(s) in question must be credited as having come from Lyricsofmylife; and
  3. It must not be done in a manner, which is in anyway commercial, unless the sharer or remixer gets permission from Devin Kira Murphy to do so; and
  4. The post(s) or remix(es) being shared must be shard under the same terms as the terms of this licence.