Hurting You

I love you
Just don’t respect you like before
‘Cause each time
Now when I look in mirror
All I do
Think what’ve you I wanna change
And that just
Brakes another piece of my heart
They hurt me
And now I am hurting you


2 responses to “Hurting You

  1. I read a line in a poem earlier today that warned of the dangers of “expection” for changing someone…rather than accepting them for themselves….quite interesting to compare the two views….thanks for your poem.


  2. Thanks for your thought provoking comment and glad you liked it slpmartin. And this poem was a self reflection of how I feel I have been treating myself and I think it’s quit dark and a bit depressing. Well maybe I will begin to respect and accept my body just the way it is in the future, yes like i did wen i was three. Well here’s hoping.


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