My Bro

My bro I’ve watched you grow
And even flow
Flow a bit more closer to me
But somehow I should’ve known one day through it all you’d be
Be looking to go find who you are
So are you still going to be there for me wen I fall far?

Well defiantly yes
And what can I do in return but show you my respect ‘cause you deserve nothing less
And say I know that you were always there for me through the lonely days of my childhood
Childhood which for me went from curiosity to crying don’t know if I should
See I know now it would have really helped me if I’d tolled my youth group friends about the pain
Pain I felt shouldn’t ruin my youth group fun by falling out of me like rain

But who can talk about the mental and fiscal pushing and shoving
Especially when they’re in a place of loving
And I was no different always acting like a funny clown
Clown I was ‘cause I didn’t want to bring them, let alone me down
But down I should have come of my high horse before I started to sink
And tried somehow to clearly about it all think


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