My Vary Own True Self

I feel things inside
Thing that if I shared
Would just make it hared
Hared for me to walk down the street
Oh without people pointing
Pointing at me yeah
Yeah what ells can I do today but
Keep it all inside
And make people think
I’m a dig man
A real big man
Tries to just be himself
Even if people they point at him and
Call him names and
Attempt to exclude him
From the society that his world’s part of
Oh it’s so conflicted
Just like my own
Own torrent of emotions
That if I shared
Would make it vary hared
For me to holed back the flood of
Breakdowns that will sourly
Com from not being
Able to be my vary own true self
All of the time
I should be able
To be my vary
Vary own true self
But they won’t let my
Because they won’t stop there
There for know good reason pointing and judging


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