The Green Shoes, Part One Someone Will Always Go Too Far, And Green Shoes will Always Make You Part of The “IN” Crowed

“Man, look! What a modern dude he is. His shoes are green! He must be in the loop. And his little woman. She is in the loop too. Her shoes are greener than his!”

“In fact, I sold him is shoes last month. And I’ll sell him his shoes next month. And the next month. And the next month… And he’ll always want his shoes greener and greener. Until one day his shoes are like his lawn…made of grass. And that is just too far…too far for those who are in the loop. We’ll have to cast him out of the loop and onto the street, making room for another person to enter the loop. He, too will want green shoes, like the guy before him…until one day, he will also go too far. He will want shows made of grass, like his lawn. But, like his little woman and all those who came before her, she’ll still be in the loop…with greener shoes than his.”

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