She Just Made An Apple Pie

She just made an apple pie
We can eat it on the run, in the sun or even the rain
Man she is not insane rather crazy ’cause she likes her pie with gravy on top,
But not cheese and fries with gravy on top
In fact like me she is an union ring person not a french-fry lover
Yes with dip she likes tortilla chips and her dip of chose is a combination of salsa and pee sup,
And min is homos and with homos I like baby carets
She ones had a pet ferret and I never have had even one pet of my own
She wares tie die ponchos and I where jeans and T-shirts
And she was born in a plain over the Atlantic Ocean and I was born in a hospital in Toronto
She likes puffed wheat and I thought none liked puffed wheat
She ones went swimming on a 30-degree day warring just a winter cote
Like I said see is not insane rather crazy enough to have on a dare chugged a leader of fermented orange juice, and I never have
And maybe I have maybe her up but I would love to meet her ’cause she can sing the entire song, A Day In The Life back words
And like I have said maybe I have made her up but I would still like to meet her


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