Green Shoes, Two Blue Shoes Won’t Make You Part of The “IN” Crowed

“You got to be kidding! He wants blue shoes? Doesn’t he know they won’t make him part of the in crowed. And did you suggest green shoes? Yes but he said he still wants blue shoes…oh. OK! OK! Ok he is foolish isn’t he!?! Well maybe it is that ones he gets his blue shoes, he will realize that he should of got green ones. Well but not green ones made of green grass from his lawn ’cause then he will never be in the loop, part of the in crowed. No you say that is not it at all. So what is it then? Oh I now he is so foolish that before he can realize he needs green shoes, he will have to try to make shoes out of blue sky. No he dos not won’t blue sky shoes? So what dos he want anyway? Well you say he just wants a really good pair of blue shoes. Hum, ok so he is just a guy with integrity then. Yeah a guy who knows what his feet need, good fitting blue shoes. He wants good fitting blue shoes.

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