Green Shoes, Part Two Someone Went Too Far, And Green Shoes will Always Make You Part of The “IN” Crowed, Well Except If There Made of Grass

“Man, look! What a foolish dud he is. His shoes are to green! He is now out of the loop. And his little woman. She is still in the loop. ‘Cause her shoes are greener then his!”

“In fact, I sold him his shoes last month. And I won’t sell him his shoes next month. And nor the next month. And nor the next month…
And it’s all because he wanted his shoes greener and greener. Yes that was ’till one day when his shoes wear like his lawn…made of grass. And that was just too far…too far for those who are in the loop. So we cast him out of the loop and onto the street, making room for another person to enter the loop. He too wanted green shoes, like the guy before him(the one we caste out)…until one day, he to wet too far. He wanted his shoes made of grass, like his lawn. But, like his little woman and all those who came before her, she is still in the loop…with greener shoes than his.”

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